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1987 Birds Parus caeruleus

1990 Sports mondial Mexico

1974 Hypochaeris Maculata

1972 King Baudouin 4 Fr

1977 Jean Capart

1954 - 50 Fr - NL

1979 Poperinge

1972 Belgica '72 Exhibition

1978 Community of the Norbertines

1984 Belgian exports 11 Fr

1978 European Parliament Elections

1967 50 years of Lions Clubs International

1979 National Fund for Professional Credit

1983 Women 8 Fr

1976 Ham-Sur-Heure

1966 Serie Full sheets

1963 Henry Van de Velde

1979 - 5 Fr - NL

1976 Rubens 4,50+1,50 Fr

1979 Verviers Chamber of Commerce

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