Advertise for free your website or social media by adding your banner or text ads offer an effective very low cost website advertising solutions that enable advertisers to place their banners on our site in 5 various key locations with 3 possibilties of payments, this include Bitcoin !

All websites, youtube channels, instagram, twitter, facebook, and other social medias are accepted except adult related content

Our system is designed to be very easy to use so you can get started right away.

You can choose the ad type and upload your own banner with the following media types :

this include setup the link to your website and image alt tag

Also you can monitor your real-time ad impressions and click statistics

We propose the following ad types:

Leaderboard banner 728x90
Middle banner 300x100
Shop banner 150x150
Text ad
Text ad
Bottom banner 300x50

Our advertising models and rates:

CPC: Cost per click
    Refers to the actual price you pay for each visitor clicking on your ad
    CPC cost is 0.02 Euro

CPM: Cost per thousand
    Refers to the actual price you pay for each thousand impressions of your ad
    CPM cost is 0.01 Euro each time your ad is viewed

When you signup you will have 1000 CPC or CPM for free with your first ad !

No money ? Try our free solutions !
    You can display our products items on your website and earn free impressions for your banners every time it is displayed and much more when someone click on it
    Or you can add your links to our reciprocal link exchange and your links will be added to the bottom of each of our webpages

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