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1982 Hugo van der Goes Painting

1973 Europe

1976 King Baudouin 11 Fr

1982 Joseph Cardijn

1965 - 25c - NL

1973 Historical issue I 3,50+1,50 Fr

1975 Buildings and sculptures Pesaro Palace

1983 Health through Sport

1971 Tourism Mechelen

Lille - Intérieur des Galeries fave de la rue Nationale

1980 150 years Belgium Coats of arms of the provinces

1975 Europe 10 Fr

1975 Themabelga Exhibition

1983 Old military uniforms

1972 Belgica '72 Exhibition 7+3 Fr

1971 Federation of Belgian Enterprises

1980 150 years Independence 9+3 Fr

1972 International Railway Union

1976 Independence USA

1980 Independence 1830-1980

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