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1965 Joseph Lebeau

1971 Attre

1967 Christmas

1975 University of Leuven

1977 Albert Hustin

1958 King Baudouin 30 Fr

1970 - 5 Fr - FR

1971 Discovery of Insulin

1967 Memorial to Robert Schuman - Gentinnes - Colonial Fraternization

1982 Sports 6+2 Fr

1975 Europa 6,50 Fr

1977 Battle of the Golden Spurs

1971 Cathedral of Tournai

1968 Tourism Leuven

1959 J.B. de Tassis

1965 - 5 Fr - NL

1970 Digit on heraldic lion 3 Fr

Roubaix - Le Pont de Sartel

1984 Military School 1834-1984

1972 King Baudouin (Marchand) and Figure on heraldic lion

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