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1971 King Baudouin Elstrom 3,50 Fr

1983 Mouscron

1972 King Baudouin

1983 200 years hot air balloon

1974 King Baudouin with B in oval 5 Fr

1975 Geel La Cité charitable

1987 - 50 Fr - NL

1971 Georges Hubin

1972 World Heart Month

1976 Ardens trekpaard

1969 Education in the city of Antwerp

1983 Procession of the Holy Blood

1990 - 1 Fr - FR

1966 Tourism Lier

1965 Death of Queen Elisabeth

1981 King Baudouin 100 Fr

1966 Anniversary of the death of Rik Wouters

1981 Digit on heraldic lion and streamer 6 Fr

1974 Brugge

1978 Royal Flemish Engineers Association

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