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1979 Legend of the Sablon O.L.V. 8+3 Fr

1969 Association of War Invalids

1977 Serie Maximum Cards FR

1972 King Baudouin 12 Fr

1974 100 years of UPU 10 Fr

1981 Op-Signoorke and Tchantchčs

1975 King Baudouin 3.25 Fr

1971 Early Irish Art

1981 Mausoleum in Bruges

1972 William Lennox Centre

1974 De Fonteine

1950 - 100 Fr - FR

1965 Europe Twig and Fruit

1963 Eight may movement for peace 3 Fr

1973 Saint Ursmar Church

Symbols of Ireland

1983 Paul Delvaux

1977 Jean Capart

1974 King Baudouin with M in oval 2.50 Fr

1998 - 1 Fr - NL

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