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1960 Messenger from Schwyz 10

1978 Day of the stamp

1972 William Lennox

1974 King Baudouin with B in oval 10 Fr

1977 Fabi

1974 Chasseurs Ardennais

1975 St. Loup

1969 Marianne type Cheffer

1980 Independence 1830-1980

1975 Doctor Ferdinand Augustijn Snellaert

1980 Youth Philately

1974 King Albert I 4 Fr

1959 - 1 Fr - FR

1965 Exhibition "Diamantexpo"

1965 Liberation of the camps 1+50

1980 King Baudouin 9 Fr

1976 King Baudouin 15 Fr

1979 Abbey

1974 Economic Council

1979 Serie Full sheets

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