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1974 Digit on heraldic lion 4 Fr

1976 Association mentally handicapped

1983 Mouscron

1979 Belgische Rode kruis

1965 Jan Berchmans

1973 Thermal source

1948 Export Promotion 4 Fr

1980 King Baudouin 50th anniversary

1973 Louis Pierard

Roubaix - Le Parc Barbieux.

1974 Europa 5 Fr

1982 Belgica '82 7,50+2,50 Fr

Cauterets - Place de la Mairie

1975 Doctor Ferdinand Augustijn Snellaert

1973 Workers Sports Club

1974 Adolphe Quetelet

1975 Tussilago petasites

1967 Robert Schuman

1968 Day Stamp

1982 Tourism

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