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1980 Albrecht Rodenbach

Collection Historique 12 - Téléphone Mildé 1911

1974 Historical issue II 5 Fr

1982 Music Conservatory and Courthouse

1981 House and Dynasty 1831-1981

1974 De Fonteine Gent

1977 Guldensporenslag

1976 Queen Elisabeth

1978 Tournai

1976 Opening of first Subway Line in Brussels

1973 Red Cross 0.20

1975 Beheading of Dimfna

1978 Paul Pastur

1982 Grand Orient of Belgium

Juvisy-sur-Orge - L'Orge (paysage artistique)

Huatulco - Ladatel $ 100

1976 Nat. Association help mentally handicapped

1972 William Lennox Centre

1948 Grand Duchess Charlotte 2

1977 - 50c - FR

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