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1982 Belgica '82 10+3 Fr

1981 Mausoleum in Bruges 50 Fr

1965 Belgian Boerenbond

1982 Europe

1974 Chasseurs Ardennais

1973 Youth Philately

1975 Europa 6,50 Fr

1978 King Baudouin with B in oval 6 Fr

1975 Exposition Themabelga - Le pecheur de crevettes

1980 150 years Independence 17+8 Fr

1981 Mausoleum in Bruges 50 Fr

1957 Famous People 2+0.50 Fr

1971 Castles and palaces 10+5 Fr

1970 Floralies of Ghent 3,50 Fr

1977 Christmas

1979 Telecommunication

1971 St. Hubert

1976 Remouchamps

1965 Ghent Flower Show

1973 Internationale sportive ouvriere

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