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1983 Europe 11 Fr

1968 Safety at Work

Pittoresque roue ŕ aubes

1972 Europa Aurora Borealis

1969 King Baudouin 50 Fr Phosphorescent

1939 Chateau Chillon et Dents du Midi

1975 King Baudouin (Elström) 17 Fr

1965 Tourism

1960 Jubilee Socialist Party 3 Fr

1967 British week

1975 Bruxelles-Kinshasa

1981 D'Artagnan and Woltje

1983 Hastičre

1980 150 years Independence 25+10 Fr

1970 - 5 Fr - FR

1971 Day of the Stamp

1973 Thermal source

1976 Vlaams Ekonomisch Verbond

1993 King Leopold II 15 F

1965 Liberation of the camps 1+50

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