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1979 Music Emmanuel Durlet

1979 Digit on heraldic lion and streamer 2,75 F

1975 THEMABELGA Exhibition 10+5

1974 - 5 Fr - NL

1981 Solidarity

1907 Sower 25 c

1978 Koninklijke Vlaamse Ingenieursvereniging

1979 Bruges Chamber of Commerce

1966 Children's Games 1+1 Fr

1982 Science Dr. Robert Koch

1975 550 Anniversary of the University of Leuven

1982 Louis Paul Boon

1956 Blood transfusion

1974 Youth Philately

1979 Verviers Chamber of Commerce

1957 King Baudouin (type Marchand) 5 Fr

1967 Digit on heraldic lion

1971 Cathedral of Tournai

1976 Serie Full sheets

1982 Culture 12 Fr

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