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1976 Opening the first metro line Brussels

1965 Ghent Flower Show Stapelia

1966 Tourism Lier

1971 USA and Jet 21 c

1953 Queen Elizabeth 4

1977 Sint Niklaas

1967 Digit on heraldic lion 20 Fr

1978 Eupen

1966 Children's Games 6+3 Fr

1980 King Baudouin 9 Fr

1971 Day of the stamp

1973 Louis Pierard

1976 SNCB/N.M.B.S.

Lourdes - Le Lac

1974 Europe

1979 Nationale kas voor beroepskrediet

1968 Historical Issue 10 Fr

1972 Int. year of books

1980 Prince-Bishopric of Ličge

1978 Serie Full sheets

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