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1973 Abbey of Park

1971 League of large families

1982 Digit on heraldic lion and streamer

1977 Europalia '77

1977 College Marie-Therese Herve

Roubaix - Exposition Internationale du Nord de la France - 1911 - Annexe du Palais des Machines

1972 King Baudouin (Elström) with "B" in oval

1977 Herve

1967 50 years of Lions Clubs International

1974 James Ensor

1971 Discovery of Insulin

Lille - Eglise St-Maurice

1984 Canonization Don Bosco

1976 La Lys

1973 King Baudouin 3 Fr

1974 Environmental Protection

1971 Tourism Alost

1975 Jubilee National Bank of Belgium

1971 Tourism Mons

1973 Historical

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This RSS feed URL is deprecated
This RSS feed URL is deprecated
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UC table tennis team defends title in Malaysia
44 procent groei voor e-commerce Walmart
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