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1983 Hastière

1981 Day of the stamp

1971 Tourism Mons

1974 De Fonteine Gent

1970 Floralies of Ghent 3,50 Fr

1980 King Baudouin 9 Fr

1974 Historical issue II 7 Fr

1971 Cathedral of Tournai

1980 Digit on heraldic lion and streamer 1 Fr

1965 Zoo Antwerpen

1977 Digit on heraldic lion with B in an oval and streamer 4 Fr

1983 Hastière

1979 Abbey

1965 Europe Twig and Fruit

1976 Joachim le Patinier

1977 Youth Philately

1975 Year of the woman

Les Pyrénées - Gavarnie - Le Gave et la Vue générale du Cirque

1974 Belgian Red Cross 4+2 Fr

1973 Aviation Pioneers

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