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1927 - 25c - FR

1972 King Baudouin 30 Fr

1978 Edict Perpetuel

1973 - 25c - FR

1974 Léon Trésignies

1967 Serie Documents of postal services

1984 Bond No Name

1977 Sint Niklaas

1975 Exhibition Themabelga

1961 - 5 Fr - FR

1976 King Baudouin 13 Fr

1973 Les vieilles tiges de Belgique

1974 Digit on heraldic lion 4,50 Fr

1984 Belgian exports

1957 Marianne 20 Fr

1969 Highway Intersection Lonsin

Lourdes - Pélerins se rendant à la grotte

1975 Jubilee National Bank of Belgium

1972 Belgica '72 Exhibition

1978 Education Charleroi

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