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1975 King Albert I

1975 King Albert I

1974 Henri Vieuxtemps

1969 Stamp Day

1991 Vink

1974 Planetarium Laeken

1984 Tielt

1976 The Birth of Christ

1974 100 years of UPU 10 Fr

1986 Birds Erithacus rubecula

1969 Jubilee BENELUX

1966 Scientific heritage 3 F

1973 King Baudouin (Elström) 20 Fr

1977 Europalia '77

1960 Day of the stamp

1972 Belgica '72 Exhibition

1972 International Railway Union

1977 Digit on heraldic lion and streamer 4,50 Fr

1978 De Haakbusschutters van Wezet

1978 Touristic issue Enghien

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